In The Moment: Celebrating The Everyday

In The Moment: Celebrating The Everyday by Harvey L Rich & Teresa Barker
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135 x 210mm

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A wise and engaging book that shows us how to fully experience the everydayness of life - written by a prominent and popular psychoanalyst.

Most of us recognise celebration as an event, but if this alone is its measure then the grand opening of a new shopping mall would carry the same meaning as a joyous wedding. But as Harvey Rich describes it here, Celebration with a capital C is much more than an event; when the party is over, the most profound effect of Celebration is an internal one that reaches deep into our psyche. Celebration serves as a means of including ourselves in the fullest experience of life - our profound inner lives, religion, the life of our culture and the history of mankind. The celebratory process of recognising, remembering and feeling what needs to be felt in a moment enables us to gain a new perspective on our interior lives and our lives within our family, culture and community.

In true Celebration:
- We purposely identify a moment as special
- We name it or define it in words
- We allow our minds to open fully to the senses, to memory and wonder, to pain and joy
- We share the moment, whether we celebrate it privately or publicly

In this book, Rich examines how to bring these notions to play in such areas as family origins, friendships, love relationships, work, parenting, death and illness, and spirituality.
Publication Date:
01 / 01 / 2004
135 x 210mm

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