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    In The Presence Of Horses

    By: Barbara Dimmick

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    For the last twenty years horsetrainer Natalie Baxter has been drifting and travelling, unwilling to put down any roots and shunning proximity to people. A loner, she has a special gift - a natural affinity and ability to communicate with horses, the beautiful, mysterious creatures whose presence gives her the peace, security and strength she has yet to find elsewhere.

    It is when she takes a job caring for some horses near the Pennsylvanian town where she grew up that her life suddenly changes course. Never has she felt so pulled by a place and its people; the eccentric owner whose sister's memory still haunts the stables, the local vet who immediately recognizes Natalie's exceptional qualities, the pupils who demand her to teach them and, everywhere, childhood memories flooding her consciousness.

    Gradually Natalie begins to examine the tragic circumstances of her past. And, just when she is thinking it is time to move on, she is forced to re-evaluate everything she believes - about herself, her family and those around her. One long journey has ended, and another is about to begin . . .

    A magnetic, haunting novel of emotional healing and self-discovery: how one woman comes to terms with loss and how a connection with animals can help to heal.

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