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    Incredible Stories: World Mysteries Explained

    By: Liz McLeod

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    How and why do civilisations come to an end?

    Only visible from the air, the Nazca Lines of southern Peru have given rise to numerous explanations from celestial maps to the theory of alien spacecraft runways. This book links the Nazca lines to the El Nino phenomenon, revealing in graphic mathematical detail how the Nazcans were able to create these amazing monuments and explaining exactly why the civilisation fell.

    Atlantis vanished in a day and a night, destroyed by earthquakes and floods around 9565BC. One theory places Atlantis off the west coast of Ireland, another in western Turkey, a third in Indonesia and a recent discovery points to Japan. But McLeod follows the latest archeological evidence that points an evermore convincing finger toward the island of Santorini in the Mediterranean.

    Creatures of the Shadows: not quite animal . . . not quite human. There is something about such creatures that tap into our deepest fears and causes the greatest skepticism. Using the newest scientific research from fields as different as microbiology statistics and forensic science this book brings both the Abominable Snowman and the Vampire out of the shadows.

    Contemporary science can now explain both phenomena, but the rational explanations the scientists offer turn out to be more scary than the mysteries they replace.

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