Indian Financial Markets

Indian Financial Markets by Michael Gorham

By: Michael Gorham

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The whole world wants to invest in India. But how to do this successfully? Written by two Indian financial experts with a seasoned expert of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, this book tells you the why and how of investing in India. It explains how India's financial markets work, discusses the amazing growth of the Indian economy, identifies growth drivers, uncovers areas of uncertainty and risk. It describes how each market works: private equity and IPOs, bonds, stocks, derivatives, commodities, real estate, currency. The authors include a discussion of capital controls in each section to address the needs of foreign investors. Learn about the the markets, the instruments, the participants, and the institutions governing trading, clearing, and settlement of transactions, as well as the legal and regulatory framework governing financial securities transactions.Written by two life-long insiders who can explain India's financial markets to outsidersClear and comprehensive coverage of this economic powerhouseCaters to the needs of foreign investors
Publication Date:
30 / 09 / 2008

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