Information First by Roger Evernden

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Information is seriously undervalued and underused as a corporate resource. The pressures of global competition and a growing dependence on information technology mean that the effective use of information is more important now than it has ever been. This book is a fundamental guide for unleashing information potential, by combining the discipline of information architecture with the power of knowledge management, to drive organizational changes.Instead of unlocking the potential of information, people are drowning in detail. Current books only approach this subject from an information technology perspective. This book combines techniques from knowledge management and information architecture to provide a layer above the detail - techniques for seeing the big picture.* Creates a clear picture of an organization and the way it works, by mapping the information and knowledge resource, showing where change is required and providing a plan to achieve it* Streamline decision-making and action-taking by eliminating frustration and confusion* Supports an information-based culture by maintaining the right infrastructures and constantly improving the use of the information resource
Publication Date:
15 / 10 / 2003

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