Innovation Strategy for the Knowledge Economy

Innovation Strategy for the Knowledge Economy by Debra M Amidon

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Innovation Strategy for the Knowledge Economy is intended for managers who have practiced the best of quality and re-engineering management techniques and are ready to transform their organizations with the systematic notions of knowledge creation and application. It is for organization leaders who prefer to be inspired with innovation strategy than hit over the head with change management techniques. It does not deal with barriers, hurdles, or conflicts to be resolved; rather, it paints a possible vision of how we can take advantage of our collective learning to move an enterprise forward.This book provides the reader with a sound, practical framework for instituting innovation strategy beyond the traditional definition of flow of parts or finances. At the core is an understanding of the dual value of knowledge (content) and innovation (process) using 'real-time' learning as the methodology.Innovation Strategy for the Knowledge Economy introduces new managerial concepts such as: Value-System versus Value-ChainStrategic Business Network (SBN) versus Strategic Business Unit (SBU)Customer Success versus Customer SatisfactionIt is an invaluable resource for both managers and organization leaders.Debra Mae Amidon is Founder and Chief Strategist of Entovation International, a global innovation research and consulting network with outposts throughout the world. Her specialties include: knowledge management, learning networks, customer innovation, and enterprise transformation. Ms. Amidon holds degrees from Boston University, Columbia and MIT, where she was an Alfred P. Sloan Fellow.Practical and theoretical views of innovation strategy.A fundamental guide to managing critical intellectual resources.Introduces new managerial concepts.
Publication Date:
17 / 04 / 1997

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