Inside Nature's Giants

Inside Nature's Giants by David Dugan
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Inside Nature's Giants explores the anatomy of the largest animals on the planet to reveal how these amazing creatures really work. Rather than simply telling you how an animal behaves, the book features dissection, CGI and wildlife photography to show, from the inside out, how millions of years of evolution have enabled animals to thrive in their environmental niches.

Join the Inside Nature's Giants team of scientists and anatomical experts, including, among others, veterinary surgeon and physician Mark Evans, enthusiastic, scalpel-wielding anatomist Joy Reidenberg and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, as they unlock the secrets behind some of nature's most extraordinary beasts.

Why doesn't a giraffe faint all the time, seeing as it has a human-sized heart and absurdly high blood pressure? Why are crocodiles hopeless at chewing, when they have the strongest bite of all animals, and why does a giant squid have three hearts and pass food through its brain? As the team of experts - literally - delve into the animals, they discover the answers to these, and many more fascinating, questions, revealing how evolution can explain the often baffling biology of elephants, sharks, giraffes, big cats, hippos, crocodiles, camels, whales, kangaroos, giant squids and more.

Using an interactive approach, and featuring innovative new elements in both design and production, the book offers a unique, alternative take on natural history. With 13 single- and double-page gatefolds throughout, each animal is shown from both the inside and out, giving readers a unique chance to see for themselves how evolution has shaped the anatomy of some of nature's most magnificent animals.
Publication Date:
01 / 05 / 2013
280 x 220mm

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