Inspiring Teachers 2-in-1 Collection

Inspiring Teachers 2-in-1 Collection by Torey Hayden
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Tiger's Child, the deeply-moving sequel to Torey Hayden's Sunday Times bestselling first book, One Child, plus the first of four books from learning disabilities specialist Mary MacCracken, The Lost Children, combined in a single eBook volume.First published in 1974 as A Circle of Children, The Lost Children is a book about children so emotionally disturbed they cannot fit into society; it is also the story of a woman whose involvement with these children changed the shape of their lives forever.When Mary MacCracken joined a school for emotionally disturbed children as a volunteer, she quickly found herself rocked to the core by the strong, loving people who taught there, the hard-pressed and bewildered parents, and the damaged children. On the outside most of the children looked healthy. But the reality was far sadder. Locked away from love and any human contact, these children struggled with life every day.Tiger's Child is the story of Torey reuniting with Sheila, the disturbed 6-year-old she tried to rescue in One Child.Torey has lost touch with the girl she helped to free from a hellish inner prison of rage and silence. But now Sheila is back as a gangly teenager with bright orange hair - no longer broken and lost, but still troubled and searching for answers.This story of dedication and caring that began in childhood moves into a new and extraordinary chapter that tests the strength and heart of both Sheila and her one-time teacher.
Publication Date:
30 / 01 / 2014

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