International Social Work: Professional Action in an Interdependent World

International Social Work: Professional Action in an Interdependent World by Lynne Healy

By: Lynne Healy

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Written by the director of the countrys first center for international social work studies, the original edition of this book set the stage for recent years exponential increase of interest in international issues for social workers. This second edition is a thorough revision of that definitive text, and it expands on the sections most valuable to teachers, adds evocative photos from the authors own collection, and provides a wealth of new information to bring the book up-to-the-minute in usefulness. A comprehensive treatment of international social work, the book emphasizes global interdependence and professional action, themes that provide the context for an engaging examination of social work issues in a global perspective. The books four sections introduce major concepts and issues in international social work, review the global history of the social work profession as a whole, discuss global ethics, practice and policy, and values, and look ahead to the bright future of international exchange and development. From direct service to policy and administration, International Social Work provides a thorough overview of the international dimensions of social work practice, and is sure to remain the essential text for all social work students and practitioners, providing a sound foundation for future academic and career exploration.
Publication Date:
29 / 02 / 2008

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