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    By: Thomas Laird

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    America's Last Secret Expedition To Tibet

    Chronicling a 1949 - 1950 American expedition across China and the deserts of Inner Asia to Tibet - an adventure still secret after 50 years - 'Into Tibet' rewrites the accepted history behind the Chinese invasion of Tibet. The fast-paced narrative follows the lives of two Americans running across the roof of the world and into the Cold War.

    'Into Tibet' discloses for the first time how America's most successful atomic intelligence agent went to Tibet to establish the links America would need if it wanted to arm the Tibetans. Did these covert American actions precipitate the Chinese invasion? Did American atomic intelligence have anything to do with China's invasion of Tibet? How did the CIA lose its first agent, gunned down on the border of Tibet?

    For 50 years, no one has been allowed to ask these questions because this mission remains classified top secret. 'Into Tibet' reveals why the United States and China still refuse to acknowledge the truth about America's only secret mission to Tibet. It is a gripping narrative of survival, courage, intrigue, and betrayal among the nomads, princes, bandits, and warring armies of inner Asia.

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