Introduction to Groundwater Modeling

Introduction to Groundwater Modeling by Herbert F. Wang

By: Herbert F. Wang

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The dramatic advances in the efficiency of digital computers during the past decade have provided hydrologists with a powerful tool for numerical modeling of groundwater systems. Introduction to Groundwater Modeling presents a broad, comprehensive overview of the fundamental concepts and applications of computerized groundwater modeling. The book covers both finite difference and finite element methods and includes practical sample programs that demonstrate theoretical points described in the text. Each chapter is followed by problems, notes, and references to additional information. This volume will be indispensable to students in introductory groundwater modeling courses as well as to groundwater professionals wishing to gain a complete introduction to this vital subject.Systematic exposition of the basic ideas and results of Hilbert space theory and functional analysisGreat variety of applications that are not available in comparable booksDifferent approach to the Lebesgue integral, which makes the theory easier, more intuitive, and more accessible to undergraduate students
Publication Date:
26 / 07 / 1995

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