Introduction to Modern Vehicle Design

Introduction to Modern Vehicle Design by Unknown
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An Introduction to Modern Vehicle Design provides a thorough introduction to the many aspects of passenger car design in one volume. Starting with basic principles, the author builds up analysis procedures for all major aspects of vehicle and component design. Subjects of current interest to the motor industry, such as failure prevention, designing with modern materials, ergonomics and control systems are covered in detail, and the author concludes with a discussion on the future trends in automobile design. With contributions from both academics lecturing in motor vehicle engineering and those working in the industry, "An Introduction to Modern Vehicle Design" provides students with an excellent overview and background in the design of vehicles before they move on to specialised areas. Filling the niche between the more descriptive low level books and books which focus on specific areas of the design process, this unique volume is essential for all students of automotive engineering.Only book to cover the broad range of topics for automobile design and analysis proceduresEach topic written by an expert with many years experience of the automotive industry
Publication Date:
16 / 07 / 2001

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