Investing with Intelligent ETFs: Strategies for Profiting from the New Breed of Securities

Investing with Intelligent ETFs: Strategies for Profiting from the New Breed of Securities by Max Isaacman
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The first book of its kind, Investing with Intelligent ETFs scrutinizes one of the most innovative and popular investment securities on the financial market today. Attracted to ETFs' built-in diversification and their flexibility regarding trading and investing styles, high-level investors have been flocking to them for several years. At the present time, there are 646 ETFs, containing $620 billion in assets, and the types of strategies used are continually growing.

Max Isaacman, author of the groundbreaking How to be an Index Investor, offers a timely analysis that provides a close look at the intelligent ETFs available today, explaining how to use the latest securities and indexes to add risk-adjusted gain (alpha) to your portfolio. He introduces you to the various ETF providers and supplies the information you'll need about the many securities variations, including the most complex and specialized. You'll learn how to invest in:

New intelligent ETFs that use quantitative measurements to beat the market

Fundamentally weighted ETFs, which at times outperform cap-weighted ETFs

Passive ETFs for sector representation and market participation

BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) ETFs, from the fastest growing economies in the world

Investing with Intelligent ETFs explains how these and other ETFs are constructed, and why they are superior to stocks and mutual funds. Illustrating strategies previously available only to professional investors, it helps you maximize your leverage and versatility in today's increasingly complex but profitable global market. With this thorough, insightful book, you can participate in new innovative investment strategies with all the knowledge and confidence you'll need.
Publication Date:
22 / 08 / 2008

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