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The IT/Digital Legal Companion is a comprehensive business and legal guidance covering intellectual property for digital business; digital contract fundamentals; open source rules and strategies; development, consulting and outsourcing; software as a service; business software licensing, partnering, and distribution; web and Internet agreements; privacy on the Internet; digital multimedia content clearance and distribution; IT standards; video game development and content deals; international distribution; and user-created content, mash-ups, MMOGs, and web widgets. Chapters deal with topics such as copyrights on the Internet, for software protection and around the world; trademarks and domain names; patents and digital technology companies; trade secrets and non-disclosure agreements; confidentiality, rights transfer, and non-competition agreements for employees; introduction to digital product and service contracts; a pragmatic guide to open source; IT services - development, outsourcing, and consulting; beta test agreements; commercial end-user agreements; terms of use for web sites and online applications; privacy and use of personal data; digital technology standards - opportunities, risks, and strategies; content for digital media; and deals in the web and mobile value chains. This book is intended for executives, entrepreneurs, finance and business development officers; technology and engineering officers; marketers, licensing professionals, and technology professionals; in-house counsel; and anyone else that deals with software or digital technology in business.Comprehensive Business and Legal Guidance including* Securing Intellectual Property for Digital Business* Digital Contract Fundamentals* Open Source Rules and Strategies* Development, Consulting and Outsourcing* Software as a Service* Business Software Licensing, Partnering, and Distribution* Web and Internet Agreements* Privacy on the Internet* Digital Multimedia Content Clearance and Distribution* IT Standards* Video Game Development and Content Deals* International Distribution* User-Created Content, Mash-Ups, MMOGs, and Web Widgets* And Much MoreKey Features:* Up-to-the-Moment Legal Guide* In Plain English* Includes 38 Contract and Web Forms in the Book
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13 / 08 / 2008

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