Italy: The Beautiful Cookbook by Lorenza De'Medici
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Authentic Recipes from the Regions of Italy.

This cookbook contains a feast of more than 240 recipes, all authentic and fully tested in an Italian kitchen. They have been devised by Lorenza de'Medici, an accomplished cook and teacher and international exponent of Italian cuisine.

For those who think of Italian food as simply pizza, pasta and tomato this book will be a revelation. It encompasses the culinary traditions of the whole of Italy - a country diverse in landscape, climate and traditions, but blessed with a wonderful array of ingredients and a people imaginative enough to make the most of them.

The award-winning 'Beautiful Cookbook' series offers an exquisite region-by-region taste tour filled with culinary specialities and surprises. Included in these large-format volumes are gorgeous food and landscape photographs.
Publication Date:
01 / 09 / 2001

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