It's Me Or The Dog: How To Have The Perfect Pet

It's Me Or The Dog: How To Have The Perfect Pet by Victoria Stilwell
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189 x 246mm

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No, it’s not the nation’s teenagers – it’s our pets. Nearly five million homes in the UK own a dog – but who really calls the shots? With bad behaviour rife, it’s time to put the pets in their place – move over power nannies and parenting, this is Supernanny for pets. In this major new Channel 4 series expert dog trainer Victoria Stilwell is parachuted into families where the resident pet is, literally as well as metaphorically, tearing the family apart. Through observation and interviews, as well as secret filming with a ‘pet cam’, she assembles her evidence and diagnoses the problem. A clear, practical training programme follows. Will the pet – and more importantly the owners – be able to change the bad habits of a lifetime? It's Me or the Dog offers a superb, practical manual for pet owners – whether faced with training a new puppy or with correcting the bad habits of an existing pet. Seeing the world from the dog's point of view is key and at the heart of Victoria's highly successful philosophy. She explains how dogs learn and provides a timed, structured programme for both puppies and older dogs, plus a wealth of problem-solving advice – from how to handle persistent barking to dealing with car journeys and interaction with children. Absolutely packed with info on everything from dog talk to diet, It's Me or the Dog will establish Dog Doctor Victoria as a major new TV and publishing talent.
Publication Date:
01 / 06 / 2007
189 x 246mm

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