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    By: Christos M Cotsakos

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    The E*Trade Guide To Online Investing

    E*Trade is synonymous with online investing and a range of other financial services, from online banking to retirement planning. It provides:
    - A bond centre
    - Complete company financial information free of charge
    - Up-to-date research on stocks and mutual funds for fast buy-and-sell action
    - Access to an online community of other investors for an exchange of hot investment tips and strategies.

    E*Trade not only provides low-cost trades, but distinguishes itself in several ways: top-notch, real-time information and resources, outstanding customer service, and ease of use. This book further establishes E*Trade as the educator in its field - a primary source of information for those needing help making the leap to online investing, as well as for those with some experience already who want to deepen their knowledge and fun.

    Covering everything from the basics of investing and getting online to how best to evaluate technology stocks, this is a must-have guide for all who want to become captains of their financial destiny by cutting out the middle man and finally taking charge of their own money - online.

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