Cybercage by Simon Higgins
Date Released
127 x 189mm

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Months after the events of 'Doctor Id', Jade Draper is struggling to get her life back together. Jade is now a journalist for her school's online magazine. Jade writes two columns, technology and crime-reporting. Jade's psychiatrist suggests further innovative therapy: reporting for the magazine on 'Cybercourt', an advanced prototype high-tech court complex opening in the city centre.

Cybercourt is virtually paperless, run by computer, with cutting edge security and IT, linked by underground corridors to police headquarters. Techno-besotted Jade and her best friend Lucy Van Daal, approach their teacher and a field trip is organised to Cybercourt.

Little do the curious duo know, that across town the feared and fearless Haman Callow is organising a field trip of his own. Callow and computer geek sidekick, Mawson, deliberately get themselves arrested and hauled off to Cybercourt as part of a master plan to eventually take over the establishment so that Cybercourt will become a technological fortress that only Mawson and Callow can control. What will happen to the people of the city? Will Jade defeat Callow?
Publication Date:
06 / 10 / 2000
127 x 189mm

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