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    By: Jenni Rivett

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    The Only Way to a Fit, Firm and Feminine Body.

    Jenni Rivett believes that women want to look like women and this book shows you how your body works and helps you achieve the desired results by teaching you to exercise correctly.

    This fully illustrated guide clearly explains all the techniques. The exercises themselves are divided into the areas of the body starting with the all important warm up. Jenni then begins with arms, back, chest and perfect posture. She moves on to back to front exercises and then to the problematic abdominals. She places importance on stabilising muscles such as abdominals and back muscles - when arms and legs are being exercised the stomach and back are also being strengthened by acting as stabilisers. The routines always end with stretching to open out and relax the muscles. Jenni also covers cardiovascular exercises concentrating on techniques, intensity, frequency and duration.

    Jenni Rivett rejects aggressive dieting in favour of healthy eating. She is keen to educate women about their metabolism and the factors that influence it. The 'Jenergy' way shows that even a busy person can fit these programmes into a weekly schedule - it only takes 45 minutes, 3 to 4 times a week to achieve a fantastic body, not one moment is wasted and every move in each exercise does wonders.

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