Jesus Weed by Gerald Taylor
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205 x 136mm
Out Of Print

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Mr Nice meets Are You Experienced? in this off-the-wall true-life travel adventure.

In 1973, aged 17, Gerald Taylor left his New Zealand home and didn't return for four years. The story of what happened in between is Jesus Weed - a tale of travel, lapsed Catholicism, chess, and the strongest marijuana mankind has ever known.

A good-looking, adventurous young lad, Gerald is driven by a lust for adventure, women and life. Launching himself onto the hippie trail, he travels to Thailand where he encounters Jesus Weed for the first time. This is enough for him to come up with his own personal mission statement, dedicating himself to: 'The study and use of marijuana in all its myriad forms. How to grow and refine the sacred herb and, wherever possible, get shit-faced in the pot-growing strongholds of the planet.' From there his globe-trotting, chess-hustling, weed-dealing adventures spiral out of control. Whether he's seduced by mud wrestlers in San Francisco, trained as an invisible assassin by an Irish druid, kidnapped and held as a sex slave in Mexico or being taught the finer points of resin production by Afghan shepherds, in each new place his adventures are madder than the last.

'Jesus Weed' is a riot from beginning to end.
Publication Date:
02 / 05 / 2005
205 x 136mm

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