Job Hazard Analysis

Job Hazard Analysis by James Roughton

By: James Roughton

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A Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) identifies the basic job steps and tasks and their associated hazards and risks, and then develops safe operating procedures and hazard controls based on this analysis. In this book, James Roughton and Nathan Crutchfield argue that the JHA should be the centrepiece of any risk control and occupational safety and health program and a methodical analysis is required for the new American safety and health management standard ANSI/AIHA Z10. However, the traditional JHA has potential problems in gathering and analysis of task data and, with its focus on the sequence of steps, can miss the behavioral effects and the systems interactions between tools, equipment, materials, work environment, management and the individual worker. The authors present a new and improved concept for the JHA incorporating elements from Behavior-Based Safety and Six Sigma. They take the reader through the whole process of developing tools for identifying workplace hazards, developing systems that support hazard recognition, developing an effective JHA, and managing a JHA based program and fitting it into occupational safety and health management systems, allowing businesses to move from mere compliance to a pro-active safety management. The book is supported by numerous examples of JHAs, end of chapter review questions, sample checklists, action plans and forms.Enhances the JHA with concepts from Behavior- Related Safety and proven risk assessment strategies using Six Sigma toolsMethodically develops the risk assessment basis needed for ANSI/AIHA Z10 and other safety and health management systemsIncludes numerous real-life examples, end of chapter review questions, sample checklists, action plans and forms
Publication Date:
08 / 04 / 2011

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