Job$ in the Drug Indu$try

Job$ in the Drug Indu$try by Richard J. Friary

By: Richard J. Friary

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This book is intended to help newly graduated chemists, particularly organic chemists, at all levels from bachelors to post-doctorates, find careers in the North American pharmaceutical industry. It will serve as a practical, detailed guiedbook for job seekers as well a reference work for faculty advisers, research supervisors, development officers, employment agents, and personnel managers in the industry. The book gathers in a single volume the fundamentals of getting an industrial job as a medicinal or process chemist, and covers all aspects of a chemist's job--scientific, financial, and managerial--within a pharmaceutical/biotechnology company. Other scientists looking for jobs as analytical or physical chemists and even biochemists and biologists will find the book useful. The valuable appendix is a unique compendium of 365 commercial, governmental, or non-profit institutions that comprise the North American pharmaceutical industry.Learn How To: Discover the 12 permanent, big-pharma jobs for B.S. chemistsUse the 500+ company index to locate potential employersTrack pharma openings with 190+ corporate and chemist-specific job banksAdd industry veterans to your employment networkFind the 50+ companies offering paid summer internships to studentsInclude the one resume item that wins interviews for B.S. and M.S. chemistsExpress a knowledgeable preference for drug discovery or developmentResearch over 360 drug companies through their Web sitesDiscover the 70+ firms offering stock purchase plans or stock options?and which two represent big pharmaFind out your salary offer in time to negotiate your wages
Publication Date:
05 / 06 / 2000

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