John Betjeman: The Bonus Of Laughter

John Betjeman: The Bonus Of Laughter by Bevis Hillier
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199 x 127mm
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The final volume of Bevis Hillier's critically acclaimed biography of Betjeman, Britain's best-loved poet.

John Betjeman, appointed Poet Laureate in 1972, is celebrated as the most remarkable, most widely read and best loved poet of the twentieth century. Bevis Hillier's 'awe-inspiring' and 'enthralling' biography fascinatingly recalls Betjeman's extraordinary character. In this final volume, Betjeman is at the height of his fame, universally adopted as Teddy Bear to the Nation. By now he is known not just as a poet, but as a television personality too. He is also the essential public face of conservation, fighting - not always with great efficiency or success - to save our heritage. We live with him the triumph of Summoned by Bells, his richly emotional autobiography in verse, but also follow his tribulations as Poet Laureate, despairingly in search of inspiration in the bombastic events of royal and public life. Perhaps least expected of all is the pleasure he found in Banana Blush, the poems he recorded to the music of Jim Parker. As before, Bevis Hillier reveals the origins of Betjeman's most loved poems; brings to life his loves, hates and enthusiasms; and shows the role that friendship and laughter played in his life.
Publication Date:
14 / 07 / 2005
199 x 127mm

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