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    Joke-A-Mania: The Most Hilarious Joke Book In The World

    By: Ziggy Storm & Johnny Danalis

    Date Released

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    Ziggy Storm dishes out jokes and more jokes plus bonus riddles and other cool stuff.

    What did Ziggy say to the hitchhiker with three, eyes, no arms and one leg?
    "Eye, eye, eye, you look 'armless, hop in."

    Want a new way to blow up a balloon?
    Grab your dad, he probably farts enough gas to blow up a small balloon every day.

    What did the fly say when it hit the windscreen?

    Measuring tape anyone? The longest recorded tapeworm found in the human body measured 33 metres.

    Ziggy Storm, the world's newest (and greatest) comedian, has gathered together mad jokes, bad jokes, silly jokes and side-splitting jokes to keep you laughing out loud. Plus other really cool stuff to impress your friends.

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