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    Judgment: The Essence Of Leadership

    By: Warren Bennis & Noel M Tichy

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    A major new concept in the study of leadership, from the two most respected names in the field working together for the first time. In the process they develop an entirely fresh theory of leadership. In sum, 'Judgment' is the key to true leadership. But contrary to popular assumption, Judgment is not some inborn trait that a manager either has or has not. Instead, Judgment is a faculty, a skill that can be developed, expanded, honed and refined.

    Judgment, moreover, isn't isolated to the individual. There are ogranizations that promote better judgment and reinforce decision making in ways that transcend the individual leader. Finally, the goal of any organization is to develop the leadership and judgment skills of a new generation of leaders. The ability of an enterprise to create these leaders is its most important measure.

    'Judgment' will be filled with case studies and examples from the world's leading organizations. Bennis and Tichy will dissect attributes that account for good judgment and address the failures of those who showed bad, sometimes even appalling, judgment.

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