Jump by Lydia Lassila & Andrew Clarke
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230 x 150mm
Out Of Print

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February 24, 2010 - Vancouver Olympic Games. Through the fog lies a four metre high icy wall that will launch you as high as a four story building. The only thing in between you and Olympic glory is one final jump...

'Jump' is a story about mind, body and a fighting spirit. It is journey of self discovery, self belief and battles to overcome injury and setbacks. It's about commitment and the dedication required to reach the top. From a young age Lydia set her eyes on Olympic glory, she had no idea with which sport but she knew more than anything else she wanted a Gold medal. Initially gymnastics was her chosen sport, but when injury and opportunity curtailed that career her destiny opened up before her. Australia was embarking on a radical program of turning gymnasts into aerial skiers and Lydia was offered a chance for a new beginning, even though she had never skied before - a challenge she grasped with open arms and one that would change her life forever. Lydia's rise to the top ranks of the sport was rapid only because she pushed herself to her extreme limits, often through pain and debilitating injuries. In essence she set out to jump like a man and was determined to push boundaries and break new ground in women's aerial skiing. Aerial skiing is both an elegant and dangerous sport that leaves no room for error. It is a sport that tests an athletes' courage, resilience and the ability to focus - a sport that only the mentally tough can master.

'Jump' is an intimate account from the athlete detailing the trials and tribulations required to reach the top of her sport. It is a fascinating account of a story littered with injury and success.
Publication Date:
27 / 10 / 2011
230 x 150mm

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