Jungleland by Christopher S. Stewart

By: Christopher S. Stewart

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I began to daydream about the jungle....On April 6, 1940, explorer and future World War II spy Theodore Morde (who would one day attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler), anxious about the perilous journey that lay ahead of him, struggled to fall asleep at the Paris Hotel in La Ceiba, Honduras.Nearly seventy years later, in the same hotel, acclaimed journalist Christopher S. Stewart wonders what hes gotten himself into. Stewart and Morde seek the same answer on their quests: the solution to the riddle of the whereabouts of Ciudad Blanca, buried somewhere deep in the rain forest on the Mosquito Coast. Imagining an immense and immaculate El Doradolike city made entirely of gold, explorers as far back as the Spanish conquistador Hernn Corts have tried to find the fabled White City. Others have gone looking for tall white cliffs and gigantic stone templesno one found a trace.Legends, like the jungle, are dense and captivating. Many have sought their fortune or fame down the Ro Patucafrom Christopher Columbus to present-day college professorsand many have died or disappeared. What begins as a passing interest slowly turns into an obsession as Stewart pieces together the whirlwind life and mysterious death of Morde, a man who had sailed around the world five times before he was thirty and claimed to have discovered what he called the Lost City of the Monkey God.Armed with Mordes personal notebooks and the enigmatic coordinates etched on his well-worn walking stick, Stewart sets out to test the jungle himselfand to test himself in the jungle. As we follow the parallel journeys of Morde and Stewart, the ultimate destination morphs with their every twist and turn. Are they walking in circles? Or are they running from their own shadows? Jungleland is part detective story, part classic tale of man versus wild in the tradition of The Lost City of Z and Lost in Shangri-La. A story of young fatherhood as well as the timeless call of adventure, this is an epic search for answers in a place where nothing is guaranteed, least of all survival.
Publication Date:
08 / 01 / 2013

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