Kants Theory of Knowledge: An Analytical Introduction

Kants Theory of Knowledge: An Analytical Introduction by Georges Dicker

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The Critique of Pure Reason is Kants acknowledged masterpiece, in which he tackles the question of how we can possibly have knowledge that does not rest on experience (a priori knowledge). The first half of the Critique advances a constructive theory of human cognition and defends the possibility of human knowledge against the skeptical empiricism of Hume. These sections of the Critique are difficult for beginners and for advanced students alike. While there exist many scholarly works discussing the Critique on an advanced level, this book is explicitly designed to be read alongside the text by first-time readers of Kant. Dicker makes Kants views and arguments as accessible as possible without oversimplifying them, and synthesizes the views of contemporary scholars. Kants Theory of Knowledge will be useful to both undergraduate and graduate students struggling with this notoriously difficult yet deeply influential thinker.
Publication Date:
04 / 11 / 2004

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