Keeper of the Realms: Crow's Revenge (Book 1)

Keeper of the Realms: Crow's Revenge (Book 1) by Marcus Alexander

By: Marcus Alexander

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Book one in this new fantasy adventure series, Keeper of the Realms.'I've just had a flesh-eating giant tearing around my house and now I'm in this strange land I don't know anything about!'CHARLIE KEEPER has been forced from her home by a bloodthirsty and terrifying stranger. But in escaping she discovers her house holds the gateway to the REALM OF BELLANIA - a place of myth, magic . . . and an evil Lord with a very bad attitude.NOW its fate rests squarely upon Charlie's shoulders. But before she can untangle the mystery that will save Bellania, she needs the answer to a life-changing secret her guardian, the dastardly Mr Crow, has been keeping from her . . . Just who is Charlie Keeper?
A contemporary fantasy adventure for 10+ with elements of The Wizard of Oz and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.Discover more at Previously published as Who is Charlie Keeper?
Publication Date:
02 / 02 / 2012

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