Key Issues in the New Knowledge Management

Key Issues in the New Knowledge Management by Mark W. McElroy

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In 'Key Issues in the New Knowledge Management,' Firestone and McElroy, the architects of the New Knowledge Management (TNKM) provide an in-depth analysis of the most important issues in the field of Knowledge Management.The issues the book addresses are central in the field today:* The Knowledge Wars, or the issue of "how you define knowledge determines how you manage it"* The nature of knowledge processing* Information management or knowledge management?* Three views on the evolution of knowledge management* The role of knowledge claim evaluation in knowledge processing, or the difference between opinion, judgements, information, data, and real knowledge in knowledge management systems* Is culture a barrier in knowledge management?* The Open Enterprise and accelerated sustainable innovation* Portals* How should one evaluate KM software?* Intellectual Capital* Measuring the impact of KM initiatives on the organization and the bottom line* KM and terrorism* The first book to address head-on the central issues in Knowledge Management* Moves the discussion of knowledge management into the hot area of innovation* Charts the next generation of knowledge management thinking by the President of KMCI: the leading KM organization
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10 / 06 / 2003

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