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    By: Sally Brown & Anne-Marie Millard

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    The Fastest Way to Lose Weight and Get in Shape.
    A Monochrome Book with Illustrations and Illustrated Cards.

    Fully illustrated introductory guide and card set.

    Kickboxing is now one of the most popular oriental martial arts in the world. Combining highly physical exercise with the mental discipline found in yoga, it is ideal for muscle-building, cardiovascular exercise, burning off fat and boosting stamina.

    This introductory guide to kickboxing shows you the basic moves and clearly explains the fundamentals of how to learn kickboxing safely, along with guidance for maximising your health and fitness. How to stand, how to kick, where to practise and what to wear - all these answers are in the box.

    Read the book and then use the cards to practise the moves. Start kickboxing and reap the rewards of improved fitness increased flexibility and a longer, leaner body.

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