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    Kill Bill: The Screenplay

    By: Quentin Tarantino

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    The official movie tie-in to Quentin Tarantino's major new cinema release.

    On her wedding day, an assassin known only as The Bride, is gunned down at the altar by the groom (her boss, Bill) and the other assassins in his employ. They fill her with bullets and leave her bleeding to death on the chapel floor. The Bride is expecting Bill's Baby.

    But The Bride survives. She is in a coma for five years - a bullet lodged in her brain - and when she wakes up, she is very, very angry. Thus begins The Bride's mission of revenge. She hunts down the assassin group, killing each, one by one, saving Bill for last.

    The most widely anticipated film of 2004, Quentin Tarantino shot 'Kill Bill' in China, California, Japan and Mexico. He describes it as "Pure exploitation joy. Kung fu, sex, revenge, murder, blood-gorged frames, fast cars, fast women and a pumping, pulsing soundtrack."

    'Kill Bill' stars Uma Thurman as The Bride and David Carradine as Bill, plus Lucy Liu, Michael Madsen, Samuel L Jackson and Daryl Hannah.

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