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    Killing The Lawyers


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    When Joe Sixsmith, Luton's premier PI, turns to the town's top law firm for help in a motor insurance dispute, he gets assaulted verbally by one partner and physically by another, and, vowing vengeance, walks out. So when someone starts whacking the partners one by one it's hardly surprising that Joe is elected the man most likely.

    At the same time he is trying to find out who is threatening all kinds of nastiness against top athlete Zak Oto if she wins her New Year's Day race to celebrate the opening of Luton's splendid new Pleasure Dome. Everybody looks suspicious, from her ex-con minder Starbright Jones, through her trainers, past and present, to her own family. And the only reassurance Joe has that he's getting warm is when someone starts trying to kill him!

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