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    Kindle Fire Geekery: 50 Insanely Cool Projects for Your Amazon Tablet

    By: Guy Hart-Davis

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    Take your Kindle Fire to its limits—and way beyond them

    You already know how to download and read e-books on your Kindle Fire. Now, discover how to turn it into a personal music and video player, Web and e-mail device, Android-based app and gaming center, text messager, and remote work tool. Kindle Fire Geekery: 50 Insanely Cool Projects for Your Amazon Tablet teaches these power-user tricks and many more. You’ll see how to load non-Amazon media files, find free stuff, and stream your library from the cloud.

    Get your geek on! Learn how to:

    Use your Kindle Fire as a portable music player

    Rip CDs and transfer audio from LP or cassette

    Watch movies and TV shows stored on your computer

    Stream your collection through Amazon’s Cloud Drive

    Load e-books from any format to your Kindle Fire

    Lock your Kindle Fire and tweak its operating system

    Install apps from sources other than Amazon’s Appstore

    Connect to WiFi networks, browse the Web, and use e-mail

    Keep your Kindle Fire and its Silk browser running smoothly

    Send text messages, share files, and edit Office documents
    Publication Date:
    16 / 07 / 2012

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