Kissing Frogs: A Psychologist Went Looking for Love ... and Found Trouble

Kissing Frogs: A Psychologist Went Looking for Love ... and Found Trouble by Andee Jones
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148 x 208mm
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KISSING FROGS is by Andee Jones, an Australian psychologist who, at 50-something, launched herself into the world of online dating. This delightfully told true tale recounts four years of dating and relating ... and sheds a witty and amusing light on what we do on our search for love.

KISSING FROGS brings a light touch to those hard and pressing questions about love such as:

- Why is it so hard to find...and even trickier to keep?
- How and why do we end up harming our relationships despite our best intentions?
- Is romantic love truly the 'impossible encounter'?

The author also discovers how 'old gender politics' are being born again through the advent of new media technology.

KISSING FROGS was originally self-published late 2009 but only made available via Readings. The author was interviewed by 'Life Matters' (ABC Radio National) in November 2009 -- and they want her back once our edition is available. There is current interest from the '7.30 Report' (for a special program on internet dating) and by 'Compass' (ABC TV). Kissing Frogs has been awarded a Highly Commended' in the 2007 Marian Eldridge Award and 'Commended', in the 2006-7 Bauhinia Literary Awards. It is currently being adapted as a stage play.
Publication Date:
01 / 07 / 2010
148 x 208mm

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