Kylie: Naked: A Biography by Jenny Stanley-Clarke
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165 x 236mm

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Kylie Minogue is an icon to millions of fans who have followed her remarkable career for over a decade. From 'Neighbours' to Stock, Aitken and Waterman, to her current disco revival at the top of the charts, Kylie has morphed into some staggering creations over the years, carrying off all of these incarnations with style and flair, whilst constantly remaining in vogue and assuring her longevity.

This intimate biography, written by the incomparable Jenny Stanley-Clarke, PR agent to many high profile celebrities, explores the real girl behind the many guises. Using her wealth of contacts, Jenny Stanley-Clarke provides us with the most informative portrait of one of pop's most private stars.

Kylie's personal life, shrouded in secrecy is examined closely, from her key relationships with Michael Hutchence and Jason Donovan to the influence of men such as Prince and Nick Cave and the competitive career of her younger sister, Dannii.

Exposing the personal and professional highs and lows that have created a star who has had chart-topping hits spanning three decades, 'Naked' is a biography as glittering as Kylie herself.
Publication Date:
03 / 08 / 2001
165 x 236mm

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