Ladies of Letters Say No 1XCD

Ladies of Letters Say No 1XCD by Wakefield and Carole Lou
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126 x 144mm
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Prunella Scales and Patricia Routledge take on the world in another hilarious series of the BBC Radio 4 comedy hit.

The caustic correspondence between Irene Spencer and Vera Small is always richly entertaining, and these latest letters are no exception. Catty and competitive as ever, the pensioner pen-pals find themselves in yet more trouble in this latest series.

Fundraising for her ancient local hospital, Irene organises a charity dinner, which Vera attends on the arm of her new beau, local millionaire Alan Trumper. Unfortunately, Vera has a choking incident and is admitted to that very hospital. Visiting her, Irene then has a mishap with a trolley, and ends up stuck in the same ward. Soon the Ladies are sniping at one another, vying for Alan's attention, and complaining about the struggling hospital's standard of cleanliness - super bugs are taking over and rats running rampant on the wards.

Meanwhile, Vera's granddaughter Sabrina has accidentally let the cat out of the bag about Vera s harbouring of illegal immigrant Youssou, and sooner is Vera out of the hospital than she finds herself arrested. While in prison, she finds out that Alan has a sinister plot in mind, and sets out to warn Irene - who manages to embroil them all in a complex plan leading to inquiry, imprisonment and an encounter with the Queen.

What will Her Majesty make of the Ladies?

Running time: 1 hour 15 mins
Publication Date:
03 / 12 / 2007
126 x 144mm

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