Land Development Handbook by Philip Champagne
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Successfully navigate the confusing maze of land development If you're looking for cutting-edge blockbuster coverage of the land development process, the search ends here! Written by one of the nation's premier consulting firms, this new edition delivers up-to-date coverage of planning, engineering, and surveying . . . all with over 700 illustrations, including diagrams, detailed drawings, plats, and reports generated at the various design stages, as well as charts, tables, and more. This edition includes regulatory changes; new data on open space areas for landscape architects; coverage of the latest advances in GPS and GIS technology; new perspectives on urban growth; and updated case studies, plans, and details. You'll find a thorough description of the design and approval process for residential, commercial, and retail land development projects and access to valuable bottom-line information on: * Environmental issues, including erosion and sediment control, storm water management, environmental impact studies and assessments, and water quality * Types of local regulations; where to get necessary project approval; what to expect during the process * Site analysis and selection criteria for feasibility studies * Technical information on the design of suburban infrastructure components such as water treatment and supply systems, sanitary sewer systems, storm drain systems, and roads * The complete spectrum of surveying methods, including Global Positioning System Surveys and Geographic Information Systems
Publication Date:
19 / 04 / 2002

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