Land Law Directions

Land Law Directions by Sandra Clarke, Sarah Greer

By: Sandra Clarke, Sarah Greer

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With a modern, student-friendly writing style, Land Law Directions excels in providing engaging and straightforward explanations of even the most difficult concepts. Case summaries, photographs, and examples are used throughout to provide real-life context and clarify abstract ideas, while diagrams and definitions ensure the text is easy to follow and that key points are understood. With extensive experience teaching undergraduates, the authors provide a full range of resources designed to help build upon and further your understanding, including thinking points, end of chapter questions and tips on linking topics together. A final chapter pulls together key details from each chapter, showing how topics link together and apply to a fictional piece of land. An additional separate chapter focuses on preparing for exams, offering advice on approaching assessment questions andrevision technique. Land Law Directions innovative features, easy-to-read style and practical advice make this the ideal all-round textbook to prepare you for success in both exams and the workplace. This book is also accompanied by an extensive Online Resource Centre ( directions3e/) which includes the following features:- additional topics for further study- revision podcasts- multiple choice questions- interactive glossary of key land law terminology- suggested approaches to the end of chapter questions in the text- updates to the law- useful weblinks
Publication Date:
10 / 05 / 2012

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