Land Law by Roger Sexton & Barbara Bogusz
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191 x 242 x 45mm

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"Complete Land Law: Text, Cases, & Materials offers a student-centred approach to the land law syllabus. A clear and concise explanation of general legal principles is combined with fully integrated extracts from the leading cases and a wide range of academic materials. The extracts have been carefully selected to ensure that they are detailed enough to illustrate the point of law under consideration, but succinct enough not to disrupt the flow of the text or to intimidate the student new to the study ofland law. The book has been carefully structured with the needs of the student firmly in mind. Each chapter begins by highlighting the learning objectives and uses numerous features including 'think' boxes, definition boxes and figures and diagrams to ensure that the student is guided through the principles of the law in a clear and uncomplicated way. Complete Land Law is written in a practical and accessible style designed to engage the reader from the outset and the attractive and contemporary two-colour page design will make it easy for students to use the text as well as serving to highlight the features that will aid their learning experience. This innovative text will engage the reader in an active approach to learning and stimulate reflection about the role of land law in practice. Online Resource Centre The accompanying Online Resource Centre offers tools to reinforce students' learning: - Regular updates - Web links - Guidelines to answering the end of chapter assessment questions - Flashcard glossary of key terms Lecturers will find the following resources useful: - Powerpoint slides - Test bank"--
Publication Date:
02 / 09 / 2011
191 x 242 x 45mm

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