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    Landscape Architecture, Fifth Edition

    By: Barry Starke, John Ormsbee Simonds

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    The most comprehensive, current guide to the theory and practice of landscape architecture

    For more than 50 years, this pioneering guide has served as the foremost resource on the principles and practices of landscape architecture. Now, the book has been revised to address the latest developments in the field, providing a comprehensive, current presentation of the profession.

    Richly illustrated with more than 400 full-color images, Landscape Architecture, Fifth Edition, explains how to plan and design for the human use of land with the least environmental impact. This updated volume offers new coverage of important topics such as sustainability, climate change, water conservation, land reuse, urban agriculture, stormwater management, low-impact design, and much more. This definitive reference:

    Introduces the fundamentals of site and environmental planning

    Describes the planning constraints imposed by the forms, forces, and features of nature and our built environment

    Addresses climate and its design implications

    Discusses site selection and analysis

    Instructs in the planning of workable and well-related use areas

    Describes the volumetric shaping of exterior spaces

    Explores site-structure relationships and organization

    Applies contemporary thinking in the planning of expressive human habitations and communities

    Landscape Architecture, Fifth Edition, preserves the essential character and timelessness of the original classic while incorporating up-to-date advancements in the profession.

    Extensively revised and filled with more than 400 contemporary full-color images, Landscape Architecture, Fifth Edition, remains the quintessential resource on planning for the human use of land in harmony with the environment. The book presents a systematic approach to the creation of more usable, efficient, and attractive outdoor spaces and places. Teaching diagrams, plans, photographs, and graphics--including the works of many of the world's leading landscape architects and firms--are featured throughout. This thoroughly modernized classic offers new coverage of:


    Climate change and global warming

    Water preservation and water rights

    Land reuse and brownfield redevelopment

    GIS mapping

    Invasive species

    Urban agriculture and urban forestry

    Stormwater management

    Low-impact design

    Complete streets

    New Urbanism, Smart Growth, and Traditional Neighborhood Development

    Landscape Architecture, Fifth Edition, addresses every aspect of site and environmental planning, design, and implementation, including:

    The most comprehensive, current guide to the theory and practice of landscape architecture The human habitat and sustainability





    The visual landscape


    Community planning and growth management

    Rational land use planning

    Urban design

    Site planning

    Site spaces



    Landscape planting

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