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    By: Stuart Gibbs

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    Greg is a 21st century kid trapped in 17th century Paris. To survive, he must assume the identity of a young d'Artagnan and unite the legendary Three Musketeers before their time. Their survival is in constant peril because of a mysterious man named Michel, who has made it his mission to destroy Greg, Athos, Aramis, and Porthos...

    After Greg's parents are rescued, Michel is thrown in prison...but quickly escapes. Nothing good can come of Michel being on the loose, and so the Musketeers saddle up and charge after him. The boys are joined on their journey by Milady and her friend, Catherine, and together the six of them follow Michel's trail from Paris to Spain.

    Along the way, they're attacked by assassins, robbed by petty thieves, and foiled at every turn. All signs point to there being a traitor in their midst...but who is it?

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