Launch It: How To Turn Good Ideas Into Great Products That Sell

Launch It: How To Turn Good Ideas Into Great Products That Sell by Miller-Davidson M Stone-Geier
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233 x 160mm
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Taking you every step on your way to product and business success!

America has always been a place of dreamers, people who think big and have grand ideas. However, they often remain just that - ideas - because people believe they lack the contacts, skills, knowledge, and financing to move forward. Established businesses also face increasingly tough competition in the race to develop and launch innovative consumer and business products. Now both can benefit from the first book of its kind, an easy-to-read handbook that not only tells you what to do, but shows you how to do it.

Internationally recognized product and trend gurus, Molly Miller-Davidson and Joanne Stone-Geier team up with noted product designer Michael B. Levinson to give an insider's view of each stage of product development and marketing, offering battle-tested insights to get you started or to move your business to new levels of success. Every page offers ideas that will give you a razor-sharp edge in today's competitive US marketplace.

While many other books cover just one business aspect (development, sales, or marketing) or get bogged down in academics or management-ese, 'Launch It!' leads you from product idea through launch by people with hands-on experience winning the game in the trenches of real business. The trio has covered every aspect of building and bringing a product successfully to market, working as company owners (currently), national sales and marketing directors, sales reps, retailers, store buyers, trade show managers, consultants, and industry writers. This allows them to analyze products from every set of industry eyes.

'Launch It!' is a treasure trove of information, contacts, and resources that teach you, step-by-step, how to avoid common and costly mistakes, and come out on top. There are also inspiring company stories of entrepreneurial success and an invaluable Resource Guide.

Meant to be read once and then referred to again and again, this book belongs in the office of every entrepreneur, product developer, manufacturer, and business marketer who wants to optimize his or her success and save time and money along the way.
Publication Date:
26 / 10 / 2005
233 x 160mm

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