Law for Social Workers

By: Hugh Brayne & Helen Carr

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191 x 242 x 32mm

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"Law for Social Workers has been the leading textbook in its field since the first edition published twenty years ago. Suitable for students on all social work courses, it offers a clear approach to the law which governs the profession. Written by an author team with a strong background in teaching and practice, this book provides detailed analysis of the law which protects people from harm and enables social workers to assess needs and provide services to meet those needs. The eleventh edition has been restructured to provide greater coherence within parts and cross-referencing. In five distinct parts the authors present key topics covered on all social work law courses. Starting with an analysis of the legal system and the social worker's place in it, the authors then address human rights, the issues of discrimination, privacy of information and issues surrounding consent. Other topics covered include responsibilities to children including safeguarding children and interagency working and responsibilities towards adults including mental health issues. Finally the authors cover issues which affect the service user such as private family disputes, immigration and asylum status, issues relating to money, housing and violence. Each part begins withan introduction to the unifying theme that runs through the following chapters. Individual chapters open with a case study based on a recent case or enquiry, highlighting the vital issues that the chapters will explore. Key learning points are set out early in the chapter, and each chapter contains questions for discussion, further reading, and web links. Online Resource Centre The book is supported by a fully interactive Online Resource Centre featuring: Student Resources: - Video podcasts providing expert advice on court skills for social workers - Updates on recent cases and legislation - Guidance on answering exercises in the book - Glossary - Further Reading - Web links Lecturer Resources: - Test Bank of 200 multiple choice questions with answers and feedback - Lecture outlines notes and guidance for both lawyers and social workers teaching social work law"--
Publication Date:
29 / 07 / 2010
191 x 242 x 32mm

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