Leadership in International Business Education and Research

Leadership in International Business Education and Research by Unknown
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International Business education and research became institutionalized in leading US business schools in the 1960s. One of the most influential business schools and one of the first to develop a full international business department was Indiana University. In the first two sections of this book, the leadership of Indiana University in the developments in the field of international business is assessed. In subsequent parts of the book, the influence of Indiana University on the major associated fields of research and teaching (finance, marketing, and management) is assessed, and recent research themes in these fields are explored.

The book develops several overlapping themes:
- the process of internationalization within major Business Schools - the Indiana University experience as a leader in comparison to others
- the extent to which I.B.has been effectively "infused" in key functional areas of traditional business education
- the current state of knowledge about International Business research, and
- new issues in International Business research.

Parts III, IV, and V of this book extend the key theme about the historical development of international business by looking into current research areas. In Part III, the international aspects of research and teaching in marketing and finance are considered. In Part IV, several papers present state-of- the-art literature reviews and extensions of current research issues in international management strategy. In Part V, issues in global, regional and sub-national strategy are considered, several from a business economics perspective. The latter parts of the book serve to place the earlier historical discussion of IB in context and illustrate how mature and wide-ranging the field has become over the last fifty years.
Publication Date:
16 / 10 / 2003

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