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    Leading After a Layoff: Reignite Your Team's Productivity…Quickly

    By: Ray Salemi

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    Help your team survive the damaging effects of a layoff

    Learn how to keep the company running and profitable--and your team motivated and happy

    Being laid off from a job can be devastating. The experience can be just as brutal for the manager of a surviving team. You need to lead your team to higher productivity just as low morale, survivor guilt, and confusion are at their peak.

    You need a twelve-week program that brings your team back to life and makes them less vulnerable to layoffs!

    With Ray Salemi's twelve-week recovery plan, you'll learn the secrets of bringing employees back from the organizational-and emotional-turmoil of downsizing.

    Rebuild Trust: Create a bond of loyalty with your team members that can't be affected by layoffs.

    Survey the Damage: Assess the needs of the department and company.

    Lead So Others Will Follow: Help your team take ownership of its recovery and place in the organization.

    Foster Emotional Recovery: Help your team members heal themselves with simple techniques.

    Let Salemi mentor and guide you through the step-by-step development plan that takes groups in complete disarray and rebuilds them into highly functioning teams.

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