Lean Healthcare Deployment and Sustainability

Lean Healthcare Deployment and Sustainability by Mark L. Dean
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Best Practices for Achieving the Full Benefits of Lean in Healthcare

Lean Healthcare Deployment and Sustainability reveals how to successfully implement Lean methodologies in a hospital, physician practice, long-termcare facility, or other healthcare setting. This strategic guide provides an organizational infrastructure and systematic approach for transforming a healthcare system into a Lean enterprise and lays out a detailed roadmap that describes the processes and tools required for implementation.

The book introduces the concept of Healing Pathways, which are defined as value streams through which patients flow. This innovation enhances Lean implementation in healthcare by providing explicit recognition and improvement of the patient experience. Case studies and examples demonstrate practical applications of the concepts presented. Proven methods for sustaining Lean gains are also included. The prescriptive information in this comprehensive resource will enable you and your team to work together to achieve Lean enterprise goals and improve patient care, patient satisfaction, productivity, operational performance, and physician and team member satisfaction.

Learn how to:

Make the business case for Lean in healthcare

Engage the senior leadership team

Prepare for the Lean transformation process

Plan and conduct a Lean transformation summit

Ensure enterprise transformation results

Standardize best practices

Ensure Healing Pathway transformation results

Implement Just Do It actions, Rapid Improvement Events, and Projects

Use Lean to execute strategic and emerging operational objectives
Publication Date:
07 / 05 / 2013

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