Learn To Paint: Country Flowers In Watercolour

Learn To Paint: Country Flowers In Watercolour by Ann Blockley
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269 x 215mm

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Ann Blockley is well-known for her attractive paintings of flowers and here she explains all the basic techniques for painting this fascinating subject in watercolour. This informative and appealing book is part of the renowned Collins Learn to Paint series.

Country flowers are an accessible, endlessly fascinating subject, and in this wonderful addition to the Collins Learn to Paint series Ann Blockley shows you how to capture them in wonderful watercolours.

With this book you will learn the methods and techniques needed to paint realistic flowers – how to create texture, mark making and shading. Ann Blockley then shows you how to paint a range of different individual flower forms and how to build up to more complex paintings of flowers in the countryside.

There are many practical exercises and step-by-step demonstrations throughout and an inspirational chapter on colour and how to paint effective backgrounds to your flowers, making this the essential guide on this subject.
Publication Date:
27 / 10 / 2004
269 x 215mm

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