Lessons In Heartbreak Abridged 3 180

Lessons In Heartbreak Abridged 3/180 by Cathy Kelly
Date Released
125 x 142mm

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Three women are reunited and forced to face their problems on the deathbed of a much–loved and extraordinary woman...

Having left the small Irish town where she grew up, Izzie is now very much a New Yorker. She's big and beautiful and runs a model agency for plus–sized women. But she's just broken one of her cardinal rules and has fallen for a married man and now it's make or break time.

Her cousin Jane works for a charity in Dublin and is determinedly single. Outwardly happy, she has blocked out the pain of her past until she meets someone that brings it all hurtling back.

Then suddenly the girls are forced to forget their personal problems and come together as Lynne, the family matriarch, is gravely ill. Arriving in the dramatically beautiful seaside town where they all once lived, Izzie and Jane soon come to realise that we can't ever choose who we fall in love with, but we can choose how we move on in life...
Publication Date:
01 / 08 / 2008
125 x 142mm

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