Let Us Eat Cake

Let Us Eat Cake by Sharon Boorstin
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One day when looking through an old desk she'd bought as a newlywed 30 years ago, restaurant critic and food writer Sharon Boorstin found a notebook of recipes she had compiled at that time - now-vintage recipes from her mother, aunts and other family members and friends. The discovery of the notebook led her to remember and reconnect with the recipe givers - some of whom she hadn't seen in years - and inspired her to think about the power of cooking and food to make connections in the lives of all women.

In 'Let Us Eat Cake', Boorstin has written a powerful memoir that celebrates these connections among the women in her life, from her grandmother - a completely improvisational cook - to famous women chefs she's met through the years.

As a young girl, she baked her first cake with a bunch of friends; on a college trip to Europe with her girlfriends, she compared men and restaurants with equal zest; and now, after decades of food and entertaining fads, she and her friends have come to understand what truly holds them together.

With dozens of delicious recipes from memorable times in Boorstin's life and the lives of others, this moving book will inspire readers to remember and cherish their own experiences with food and friends.
Publication Date:
01 / 07 / 2002

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